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2021 Indianapolis Motor Speedway

From the Team Manager

“Indy! This is where every driver wants to be and where every driver should be motivated to put in maximum effort. The stage doesn’t get any bigger than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  As competitive as USF2000 is, qualifying is key and both Spike & Evan, along with the team, have been focused on improving our qualifying results.  Spike had a stellar qualifying session which saw him finish in P4, just .2 off the pole. Evan, in just his third weekend in formula cars,  made significant gains in closing the gap to quick time finishing just .9 off the pole which would see him start 20th out of 26 cars for all three races.  Turn 1 is notorious for creating opportunities for some and trouble for others. Our guys came out on the short end of that equation over the course of the three races but Spike had consistent finishes of P6, P6 & P7 and remains the highest place rookie in the series.  Evan got knocked around a bit in race two but picked up some excellent experience as he had some great battles on his way to finishes of P17, P23 & P19.  Off to the oval at Lucas Oil Raceway Park and we’re excited to see things start coming together for both drivers…should be a good one!”

- Keith Freber -

Spike Kohlbecker

Qualifying: 4th | 01:24.8480 (+0.2196)
Race #1: 6th (+4.4271)
Race #2: 7th (+7.0585)
Race #3: 7th (+8.7779)

“As I look back at IMS I can now visualize some new important driving techniques that will be needed for upcoming events. IMS was a great track to drive and I definitely learned a lot about how the car reacts to different driving styles. I’m really looking forward to the next race at Lucas Oil Raceway. Once again thanks to all who attended or watched the IMS event.”

Evan Stamer

Qualifying: 20th | 01:25.5729 (+0.9445)
Race #1: 17th (+17.8182)
Race #2: 23rd (+2 laps)
Race #3: 19th (+24.9264)

“It was a great weekend at IMS all things considered. Although the results weren’t what we were hoping, sometimes, especially in a building year, it’s better to battle with 3 cars for the top 15 all race and gain a ton of racing experience, rather than to drive around all alone in 10th and learn nothing. But overall it was one of the most knowledge I’ve gained so far in the 3 races that we’ve had and I can’t ask for anything more.”

Event Photos